The 2002 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon
Date: August 16th - August 18th
Location: Trito Music Center, (610) 272-1730
City: Norristown, PA
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Below is the list of participants scheduled to attended the 2002 TabCon.
Participant Home State Instruments
Chuck Bruce PA Guitar, Keyboards
Jim Cirronella NJ Guitar, Keyboards
Don Dianetti NY Bass
Larry Dwyer MD Bass
Bill Ferrarini NH Drums, Percussion
Sean Jones OH Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Tony Kennedy PA Guitar
Andrew Logue DE Guitar
Mike Lucas OH Drums, Percussion
Chris Luongo PA Drums, Percussion
Dave Sorrells NY Bass
Rich Soto NJ Guitar

Comments from the Performers
Want to know what the performers felt were the highlights of this TabCon? Check out the comments below!
Chuck Bruce
Best Performances: I think either The Camera Eye or Entre Nous turned out the best for me - we'll see when we hear the recordings.
Train Wrecks: Thankfully none (that I remember). Some rough riding occasionally but no flat out wrecks.
Goofiest Moments: When Rich Donned the "Crab Hat and Glasses" and came running out during the outro to Grand Designs. I think this will have to be a new tradition - goofy hats.
Funniest Moments: Too many to mention. Don playing that goofy sound from the original Batman TV series I have on my computer after Alien Shore comes to mind. It's such a strange sound bite...Bruce Wayne: "Forgive Me, I'm just reminded I'd promised to take my young ward Dick Grayson fishing. If you'll excuse me."
Doh!: The chord progression just before the solo in Presto... what was that again... S***t! Oh yeah... E, A, B
Honorable Mention: Tom Sawyer, Grand Designs (2nd take), Subdivisions, Available Light (one that really grew on me as a result of learning it), Lakeside Park.
Should Have Asked For Another Take: Presto.
Famous Last Words: "Forgive Me, I'm just reminded I'd promised to take my young ward Dick Grayson fishing. If you'll excuse me."
Most Inspiring Performance: Andy doing LaVilla.
Duh: Why isn't any sound coming out?! Meanwhile Rich comes up to help me... we check all the cables makes sure the mixer is turned on and the slider is up.... then I look down... oh... my master volume pedal was off... never mind... ;-)
The Official GPAT 2002 Song: "The Trees" (we played it about a million times during sound checks and/or multiple takes).
Next Time: Keep my beeper with me and get my effects sounds worked out better.
Larry Dwyer
Best Performances: Bastille Day take 2 (not counting Andy's 6-7 intro's...hehe), Andy's energy is really infectious. Jim: "How did you get so loud? We had to turn you down, you were banging the hell out of the strings..."
Train Wrecks: Didn't cause a wreck but lost the solo on Freewill(y). Was getting it, but falling behind and then lost the beat, my place, my, luckily it didn't last long enough (only forever) to stop the song and we were able to finish. Don rightfully said Freewill is the "bass player's initiation".
Goofiest Moments: Andy's busted string on Bastille Day take 1, he felt so bad. We were standing there thinking, "hey hurry up and change that, we were ROCKIN!"
Funniest Moments: "Too many to mention"...agree, also Dave wearing the same lobster hat and glasses getup while working the Monster sounds in By-Tor, he was having WAY too much fun with those effects.
Doh!: Losing the first 8-10 seconds of a song on Rich's PC while screwing around with the application before a retake. "Hey, I am a professional computer dork, how hard can this be?"
Special Moment: Last note of Where's my thing - I got it, I can't believe I made it all the way. Also listening to the Camera Eye, that was incredible.
Honorable Mention: Limelight - we kept wrecking during sound checks, it came out decently though (or least that is the story I am sticking too until I hear the recording).
Should Have Asked For Another Take: NONE, hehe, just asking to cause a train wreck where none had existed before.
Famous Last Words: "Let's do that again, we can do it better."
Most Inspiring Performance: "Andy doing LaVilla"...agree
Duh: Played The Trees 19 times Friday night for sound checks and played it fine. Screwed up the intro bass riff on showtime.
The Official GPAT 2002 Song: "The Trees" (we played it about a million times during sound checks and/or multiple takes)...agree
Next Time: Quit worrying, just get over it and have some fun. Mebbe sing a little. Definately play Freewill again (unless, of course, we have another newbie bass player with the deer in the headlights look).
Tony Kennedy
Best Performances: Analog Kid. Not so many f... ups or 'clams' as Andy calls 'em. ha ha
Train Wrecks: Vital Signs - Damn song! Limelight - Came out of the solo all stupid. Broon's Bane - too many screw ups to mention!
Honorable Mention: Animate and Roll The Bones. Passage to Bangkok was decent too.
Should Have Asked For Another Take: Broon's Bane.
Most Inspiring Performance: Andy doing LaVilla, Bastille Day, and Fly By Night, and...
Andy Logue
Best Performances: Hmmm. La Villa I guess. Everybody seemed to like it and I really tried hard not to suck. The clam factor was less than 5 so I guess that gets a thumbs up. Or a big 10-4, good buddy.
Train Wrecks: Well, The train never left the tracks but we were two wheelin' aound corners a few times. Let's see. La Villa intro. Gee. The strings are spaced farther apart than my electric. He swings. He misses! Natural Science. I think I'm playing the wrong chords now. It doesn't sound that weird. Maybe nobody's listening. Where's that crab hat when you need it?. The click track on Cold Fire I don't even wanna talk about. The cake-taker would have to be Bastille Day. What a pain in the ass. I can't remember the intro. Okay. Take # 43. I got it. We almost home. Break string. Take #44. Yeah I might make it. All I have is the little outro melody which I didn't even have to play. I got it. I got it. I ain't got it. I remember thinking "Logue, what the hell are you doing to this song? Hey kid! What'd melody ever do to you?" Next year somebody bring the big Vaudeville hook so if I ever tank one like that....
Goofiest Moments: Are you kidding? The whole event is attended by the goofiest people I ever met. And I mean that in a good way. Rich stage diving with the requisite Oceanic Arthropod Headgear and Exopthalmia Eyewear. Here's another one. The little oriental girl who shows up on Sunday at 6:00. Hey. Thanks for coming out. It's over. Is anybody contacting her for next year? She was interested and that would be cool to have her out.
Funniest Moments: What's the difference between goofy and funny? Forgive me. In my laziness I copied Chuck's comment categories. Okay how about the excellent samples which really helped keep my spirits up after I clam-baked. Also the dissertation on F*ck was insightful.
Honorable Mention: The Pass & Driven. Never learned 'em before (yeah, you still don't know 'em Logue!) They could've been worse. Alot worse.
Should Have Asked For Another Take: All of 'em except Fly By Night. Bastille Day couldn't handle another take without me being the target of rotten produce.
Famous Last Words: "Hey Sean. Where do you put your testicles while your singing?"
Most Inspiring Performance: Everybodys. Actually me eating my turkey club in three bites.
The Official GPAT 2002 Song: YMCA by the Village People. Seriously. Twelve men should not have that much fun together.
Next Time: My crib. Bring your swim trunks and any personal flotation you may need. And no peeing in the pool. Or Baby Ruth's. :o)
Chris Luongo
Best Performances: There were several I was very pleased with: 2112, YYZ (sound check & recorded versions) Roll the Bones, Subdivisions, Lakeside Park, Fly By Night, Bastille Day, Time & Motion, Dreamline, Cut To The Chase & The Camera Eye. As Chuck said, "we'll see just how good when we hear the recordings." Also, I was extremely pleased with bastille Day. Granted, we did several incomplete takes, but I was Num-nuts on every time we played it & this was the first time I've ever played it "live" in a tab con setting.
Train Wrecks: Thankfully, no complete wrecks, only minor derailments. Sooo....Song(s) with the most memory relapses classified as "minor derailments." Alien Shore (both attempts, but at different parts) The Trees (I nail both sound checks, but blow the recorded version. Considering I can normally play this in my sleep, I should be shot, castrated & hung upside down in the town square & pelted with rotten vegetables). Closer To The Heart....DS Ending?, Exit Stage Left Ending?, ASOH Ending?....I get soooo confused.
Goofiest Moments: "When Rich Donned the 'Crab Hat and Glasses' and came running out during the outro to Grand Designs." ......uh-huh......that was it all right.
Funniest Moments: Agreed, "too many to mention." I remember laughing a lot, especially at the strange sounds coming from Stage Right.....sorry youz guys, but the bottom end was nearing perfection.....;-).
Doh!: Alien Shore big 2 measure drum fill, after hitting it on 1st take.
Honorable Mention: Where's My Thing, Cold Fire, Animate, Xanadu, Presto & Entre Nous. Just minor glitches.
Should Have Asked For Another Take: Alien Shore.
Famous Last Words: "Well, la-di-fricken-da!"... I guess we'll see just how la-di-da when the hear how many songs are way too fast.
Most Inspiring Performance: LaVilla did sound really cool. "It touched me in a way no other song has..." know the rest.
Duh: Why do my thighs feel like a 200 pound gorilla has been sitting in my lap. It couldn't have anything to do with the ton of percussion equipment I lugged around, twice, in a heat wave, up hill, in both directions... ;-)
The Official GPAT 2002 Song: "The Trees" (we played it about a million times during sound checks and/or multiple takes)......uh-huh....that was it all right.
Next Time: Listen to EVERY song on my portable CD player before playing it & find someone else to bring the percussion equipment.