The 2002 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon
Date: August 16th - August 18th
Location: Trito Music Center, (610) 272-1730
City: Norristown, PA
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 2002 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Audio Technica 3 mic Drum Mic kit. Ferrarini  
ATM 25 Bass Mic. Dwyer  
PR335. Bruce  
Behringer EURORACK MX1604A 12 Channel Mixers. (x2) Cirronella, Kennedy  
EURORACK MX802A 6 Channel Mixer. Bruce  
Carvin 16 channel mixing board. Cirronella  
800 watt power amp. Cirronella  
DOD 8-channel mixer. Jones  
E/V N/D 308A microphone. Bruce  
Hughes & Kettner Access Stageboard. Logue  
Mackie 1400i power amp. Logue  
Mesa Boogie 2x12 and 4x12 speaker cabinets. Logue  
Nady EO3 wireless in-ear monitor system. (x3) Cirronella, Jones, Lucas  
Peavey 112HS wedge monitor. Bruce  
SP3 PA speakers. (studio)  
T-112 Wedge Monitors. Dwyer  
Roland JC-120s. (x2) Bruce, Cirronella  
Shure SM-57 microphone. (x3) Bruce, Cirronella, Dwyer  
SM-58 microphone. Dwyer  
Sony Dual cassette deck. ???  
Other 24 channel stage snake. (rented)  
Bass bins. (studio)  
Computer for recording using Cool Edit 2000 software. Soto  
Drum claws (for holding mics). Dwyer  
Microphone holders/stands. Bruce, Cirronella, Dwyer, Jones, Logue  
Carvin 6/12 double neck. Logue  
Ernie Ball Wolfgang (used to dispel nervous tension and provide hope of retaining licks learned at the last minute). Logue  
Electra Working Man model. Kennedy  
Fernandez Revolver Pro Sustainer w/EVH D-Tuna. Soto  
Gibson Epiphone 335 Dot. Soto  
ES-335 Custom Shop (signed by Lee Ritenour and Ricky Skaggs). Logue  
Les Paul Custom. Cirronella  
Les Paul Studio. Bruce  
G&L Legacy. Logue  
S-500. Logue  
Ibanez GA6CE-14-01 classical. Bruce  
Martin DC-10E Acoustic. Logue  
Parker P-40 w/Fishman Power Bridge/Wilkinson Vibrato. Bruce  
PRS CE-24. Logue  
Custom 24. Logue  
Other Custom "Strat" style guitar with EMG pickups. Cirronella  
Bass Guitars
Fender '69 American Standard Fender Jazz. Jones  
Jazz. Dwyer  
Ibanez Model unknown. Dianetti  
Samac Model unknown. Sorrells  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Carol Sound Wind chimes. Luongo  
Latin Percussion Everything Rack with 4 LP Cow Bells & 1 LP Agogo Bell Luongo  
Mini-Everything Rack with LP Tri-Bells & Rhythm Tech Tambourine Luongo  
Steel timbales - 13" and 14" Luongo  
Granite Blocks Luongo  
Ludwig Wood Temple Blocks Luongo  
Rhythm Tech Tambourine Luongo  
Tama Grandstar Custom Series drum kit - Rack Toms: 6", 8", 10", 12", 13" 14", 15"; Floor Tom: 18"; Bass Drums: 24" (x2); Snare: 14" wood Luongo  
Zildjian A Series cymbals: 8" (x2) splash & 10" splash, 14" New Beat Hi-Hats, 16" and 17" Medium Thin Crash, 18" Medium Crash, 18" China Type (High), 20" Ping Ride Luongo  
Other Glockenspiel (actually it's really a marching band "Bell Lyre" mounted horizontally on a Bruce/Luongo designed mounting system). Luongo  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules, Rack & Peddle Effects
360 Systems 8x8 Midi Patch Bay. Jones  
Alesis Midiverb II. (x2) Jones  
Quadraverb. Logue  
Boss 300L Volume Pedal. Cirronella  
BF-2 Flanger. Soto  
FV 50 H/L Volume Pedal. Bruce  
SD-1 Super Overdrive. Kennedy  
Digitech 2101 w/Control 1 floor controller. Soto  
2120 w/midibuddy floor controller. Cirronella  
DHP-55 Harmonizer. Logue  
PDS 1002 Two Second Digital Delay/Sampler. Kennedy  
RP2000. Kennedy  
Dunlop Cry Baby Wha Pedal. (x2) Bruce, Cirronella  
Emu ESI-32 sampler. (x2) Jones, Cirronella  
Ernie Ball Stereo Volume Pedal. Logue  
Fast Forward Designs Midistep foot pedal controller. Cirronella  
Fulltone Fulldrive II. Logue  
Fostex DCM100 MIDI Mixer. Jones  
Furman PL8-Plus. Logue  
Hughes & Kettner Access Preamp. Logue  
Korg DW-6000 analog synth. Jones  
DW-8000 synth. Cirronella  
Mesa Stereo 2:90. Logue  
Morley Volume Pedal. Bruce  
Rocktron Intellifex. Logue  
Roland GP-16 w/floor unit & expression pedals. Bruce  
PK-5 foot pedals. Jones  
SRV-2000 Digital Reverb. Jones  
Symetrix Rack compressor/limiter. Jones  
Yamaha TX81Z synth. Jones  
V-50 sequencing keyboard. Jones  
Zoom 9030 multi-effects unit. Jones  
9150 multi-effects unit with an ART MIDI pedal board. Jones  
Other Keyboard Stands. (x2) Jones, (studio)  
4 Cinder Blocks! Soto  
Misc. Stuff
Other Audio Cables & Adapters Everyone  
Computer - IBM Thinkpad (a.k.a., "The Stinkpad") Laptop Bruce  
Cooler (from QVC!) Bruce  
Guitar Stands. (x2) Bruce  
Misc. power strips/extension cords/etc. Everyone  
Misc. tools (pliers/screwdrivers/etc.) Bruce  
Multi-Guitar Stands. Logue, Soto  
Music stand. Bruce  
The Omega Stand. Bruce  
Tripod for video camera. Bruce  
VCR. Bruce  
Video camera. Bruce