What are the Rush TabCons?
Rush TabCons are musical events that take place yearly around various parts of the United States. Their purpose is to allow musicians and fans of the rock group Rush to perform the band's music in a live setting. The TabCons are not tribute bands, but individual musicians that are assigned to play on songs with others.

The idea of a Rush TabCon first came about on the "rush-tabs" Mailing List by Sean Jones. The list, consisting of Rush fans that create tablature for the band's music, loved the idea, and the first TabCon took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1997. Today they are still going strong and have been held in the Midwest and on both coasts.

Best of all, you don't have to play like Geddy, Alex or Neil because performers of all skill levels are welcome. And you don't have to sing or play an instrument at all; spectators are welcome too!

If you'd like to learn more about Rush TabCons, or even play in one, join the "rush-tabs" Mailing List or the "Rush-Tabs and TabCon" Facebook groups and ask about the TabCons. Check the Links section for more information on joining the list.