Pictures from The 2000 Rush New England TabCon

The following pictures were taken by participants of the 2000 NETC. They've been cropped and resized from the original pictures to conserve both disk space and transfer times.

Bates Motel or the Greenwood Inn? See, if ya press these buttons, all Hell breaks loose! Chris Luongo - Yeah, Baby, Yeah!
Dan Miers - Am I feeling it yet Bill? Groovy pad, Baby! Sean Carroll - Playing smashingly in Guitar Sector B.
Guitar Sector A. Am *I* feeling it yet Bill? Bill Ferrarini - It's ALL feel, Baby!
Sean Jones - I'd rather be playing drums or at least the bongos. Rich Soto - While playing, dogs howl in response, from up to 10 miles away! Sean & Rich - Awakening the dead.
Chris Luongo - I'm not dead yet! I'll tell ya when I'm dead! Andy & Company - The best Recording Engineering staff in New Hampshire! Sean & Jim - Musical Maniacs.
The Bates Motel in all her fine glory. Carl Sussman - I'm feeling it too Bill! Oh Yeah!! Bill - Shut up, little men!
Dan, Chris, & Jim - We have assumed control of the control room! Sean Jones - Using every appendage & possibly every orifice. NETC's The Usual Suspects - Moe, Larry, Curly, Schemp, Groucho, Harpo, Bashful, & Sleepy.