Pictures from The 2001 Rush Midwest TabCon

The following digital pictures were taken by Dave Fornalsky. They've been cropped, resized and color-corrected from the original pictures to conserve both disk space and transfer times.

Dan with an awsome "rocker" pose. Mike keeping everyone in time. Brian jamming with Mike on the drums.
Mike, John and Sean jam together. Sean sings "Rivendell" with Matt on guitar. Dave on drums desperately seeks a cue from Sean on bass.
Ed jams at his first TabCon! Psychedelic Mike. Al, Mike and Dan jam.
Sean sings passionately with Brian, Mike and Dan backing him up. Al, with three music stands lined up, admits he's not prepared for the song! Ed, Mike and Sean jam.
Al, John and Mike working through a song. More passionate singing from Sean with Brian on bass and Dan on keys. Dave sings his own, "special" version of "Witch Hunt".
Ed shows us his true feelings while Dan enjoys the show. Matt, showing signs of stress, mans the PC for recording. Al learning as he plays, with mike on the drums.
Brian totally into the moment. Sean on bass. Mike on drums.
Sean mills about in the background as Mike jams on the drums. Matt on guitar. The synth rig for the 2001 MWTC (hey, where's the Taurus pedals?).
The PC used for recording the gig, and two of the four mixers used at the show. The whole TabCon gang out for dinner after jamming on Saturday.