Pictures from The 1999 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon

The following pictures were taken by participants of the 1999 GPAT. They've been cropped, resized and color-corrected from the original pictures to conserve both disk space and transfer times.

The entrance on Friday evening, after we "closed for the night". What a mess! The Omega Stand...don't leave home without one!
Jim Cirronella's 16 track Carvin Mixer. (Jim/back to the camera, Chris/at the drums, Don/on bass) Stick it out! (Jim on guitar, Sean on bass/vocals/samples, Chris on drums) Chris on drums.
Sean with his Fender Jazz. Karl, a.k.a. "Kork", on the intro to LaVilla Strangiato. Jim with his LesPaul Custom.
La Villa! (and look at all the stomp boxes on the lower left...that's all Rich's stuff!) Rich..."doing the needful". Doh! (Chuck...not remembering the synth bridge from The Trees!)
The Enemy Within! (Chuck on guitar, Dr. Asif Khan on drums, Rich on vocals) Rich playing Chuck's Ibanez. Don on Sean's Fender.
Chris from above. Jim on keyboards. Sean on keyboards.
Bill on drums. "Kork" on guitar. Dr. Asif Khan from above.
Don on "Kork's" Ric. This gives you an idea of the scale of the room. "Kork" is videotaping, Jim is on guitar and Asif is on drums. And they couldn't stop Rich from being happy...
Lou Arena (a freind of Don's) provided a great service to us by running the board. The infamous "Chuck-O-Prompter"! Tony on guitar.
When I press this button the LFO will modulate the VCF, then the DCA will kick in and create an awsome fart sound! Chuck on guitar (playing 2112). The "Band of Idiots".
Front cover of the official '99 GPAT CD Back cover of the official '99 GPAT CD