The 2007 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: November 16th - November 18th
Location: St. Francis High School "Little Theater" (Address and Information)
City: St. Francis, WI
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Below is the list of participants that attended the 2007 TabCon.
Participant Home State Instruments
Mark Darrall IN Guitar, Vocals
Bill Ferrarini NH Drums, Vocals
Dave Fornalsky IL Drums, Guitar
Sean Jones WI Bass, Vocals, Synth
Chris Marquardt WI Drums
Marty Melchior WI Bass, Vocals, Synth
Dan Miers IL Bass, Synth
Brian Morrison IL Guitar, Bass
Matt Murphy WI Guitar
Tom Slawnik WI Drums
Rich Soto FL Guitar, Vocals
Paul Stone ON, Canada Drums, Vocals
Ken Wellens MI Vocals