The 2006 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: September 15th - September 17th
Location: St. Francis High School "Little Theater" (Address and Information)
City: St. Francis, WI
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 2006 Midwest TabCon. If you are playing in the gig and do not see your equipment on this list, please e-mail me with the details.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Ampeg Bass amp. B500DR head with BSE-410HLF cabinet. Johnson  
Line 6 Guitar amp. SpiderII 1x12 with FBV Shortboard foot controller. Buchanan  
Other Unknown multitrack recording gear. Jones  
ESP Electric, Les Paul. Buchanan  
Floyd Rose Electric, Speedloader. Buchanan  
Gibson Semi-Hollow Electric, 1980 Howard Roberts Fusion. Soto 2
Schecter Electric, 007 Elite 7-string. Buchanan  
Bass Guitars
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz. Johnson  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
DW Drums Pacific CX Series drum kit - Toms: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16"; Bass Drum: 22"; Snare: 14"x6"; 9002 double bass pedal; 9000 series hi-hat stand Hinerman  
Latin Percussion Cowbell. Fornalsky  
Rock Blocks (low and high). Fornalsky  
Paiste 2002 Cymbals - 18" crash; 22" ride Hinerman  
Sabian Paragon Cymbals - 20", 18", 16" crashes; 8", 10" splashes; 13", 14" hi-hats; 19" china Hinerman  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
Boss DF-2 SUPER Distortion & Feedbacker. Soto  
EV-10 Expression Pedal. Soto  
DigiTech 2101 Artist with Control One Pedalboard. Soto  
Moog Taurus Pedals. Miers  
Roland D-50 digital synth. Miers  
GP-16. Bruce  
Microphones & Mic Stands
E/V N/D 257A. Fornalsky  

1 Item may not make it to the gig. Don't count on it to be there.
2 Item is for owner's personal use.