The 2005 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: August 12th - August 14th
Location: St. Francis High School "Little Theater"
City: St. Francis, WI
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 2005 Midwest TabCon. If you are playing in the gig and do not see your equipment on this list, please e-mail me with the details.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Alesis Studio 12R 10-channel rackmount mixer. D. Fornalsky  
Line 6 Guitar amp. SpiderII 1x12 with FBV Shortboard foot controller. Buchanan  
Other Unknown multitrack recording gear. Jones  
PRS Electric, CE-24. Morrison 2
Electric, KH202 Kirk Hammett signature model. Buchanan 2
Fender Electric, Telecaster. Buchanan 2
Ibanez Electric, Artcore AFS75T. Ferguson  
Electric, Artcore Hollowbody. Buchanan 2
Bass Guitars
Dean Edge Q4 Quilted Amber Burst Bass. Ferguson  
Fender '97 Fender Jazz. Miers  
Hohner Steinberger copy. Miers  
Rickenbacker 4001 Series Bass. Morrison 2
4001 Series Bass (1974 Model). Miers  
4003 Series Jetglo Bass. Ferguson  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Indian Street Percussion Windchimes, small set. D. Fornalsky  
Latin Percussion Cowbell. D. Fornalsky  
Pearl Export/MX/Masters Series drum kit - Concert Toms: 6", 8", 10" (MX Series); Closed Toms: 12", 13", 15" (MX Series); Floor Tom: 16" (Export Series); Bass Drum: 22"x16" (Export Series); Snare: 14" Maple Snare (Masters Series) D. Fornalsky  
Sabian HH Series Cymbals - 20" Chinese, 20" Flat Bell. D. Fornalsky  
Zildjian A Series Cymbals - 6" Splash, 14" New Beat hi hats, 16" and 17" Thin Crash, 18" Medium Ride. D. Fornalsky  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
Moog Taurus Pedals. Miers  
Roland D-50 digital synth. Miers  
Microphones & Mic Stands
E/V N/D 257A. D. Fornalsky  
Misc. Stuff
Music Stands Generic stand. Miers  

1 Item may not make it to the gig. Don't count on it to be there.
2 Item is for owner's personal use.