The 2002 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: October 4th - October 6th
Location: Rumble House Rehersals, (773) 588-7377 [Directions]
City: Chicago, IL
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 2002 Midwest TabCon.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Alesis Studio 12R 10-channel rackmount mixer. D. Fornalsky  
DOD 8-channel mixer. Jones  
Hartke 2000 bass amp head. Jones  
Other "Sweet" 2x10" bass cabinet. Jones  
Digital Audio Workstation - Gigabyte 8IRXP Motherboard; Intel P4 1.9GHz CPU; 384MB RAM; Maxtor 60GB HD (7200RPM), Maxtor 40GB HD (5200RPM); Yamaha 4x2x6 CD-RW; Echo Layla 24 Multitrack Recording System; Windows XP SP1 OS; Sound Forge v6.0. D. Fornalsky  
Fernandes Electric, Pro Sustainer with EVH D-Tuna. Soto  
Gibson Electric, '80 Howard Roberts Fusion. Soto  
PRS Electric, PRS CE-24. Morrison  
Other Custom "Strat" style guitar with EMG pickups. Cirronella  
Bass Guitars
Fender '97 Fender Jazz. Miers  
Hohner Steinberger copy. Miers  
Rickenbacker 4001 Series Bass (1974 Model). Miers  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Indian Street Percussion Windchimes, small set. D. Fornalsky  
Latin Percussion Cowbell. D. Fornalsky, Marquardt  
Cyclops Tamborine. Marquardt  
Jam Blocks, low & high. Marquardt  
Pearl Export/MX/Masters Series drum kit - Concert Toms: 6", 8", 10" (MX Series); Closed Toms: 12", 13", 15" (MX Series); Floor Tom: 16" (Export Series); Bass Drum: 22"x16" (Export Series); Snare: 14" Maple Snare (Masters Series) D. Fornalsky  
Roland Octapad II. D. Fornalsky  
TD-10. Sound module for the V-Drum Kit. D. Fornalsky  
Sabian HH Series Cymbals - 20" Chinese, 20" Flat Bell. D. Fornalsky  
Yamaha 14" Steve Gadd Maple snare drum. Marquardt  
5.5"x14" metal snare. Marquardt  
DD-50 drum machine. Marquardt  
Zildjian A Series Cymbals - 6" Splash (Fornalsky), 12" Splash (Marquardt), 14" New Beat hi hats (Fornalsky/Marquardt), 16" and 17" Thin Crash (Fornalsky/Marquardt), 18" Medium Ride (Fornalsky/Marquardt). D. Fornalsky and Marquardt  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
360 Systems 8x8 Midi Patch Bay. Jones  
Emu Esi-32 rack mount sampler. Jones  
Fast Foward Designs Midistep footpedal controllers. Jones  
Korg DW-6000 analog synth. Jones  
Roland MT-32 sound module. Jones  
PK-5 footpedals. Jones  
Yamaha TX81Z synth. Jones  
V-50 sequencing keyboard. Jones  
Rack & Peddle Effects
Alesis MIDIVerb II. Jones  
DigiTech 2101 Artist with Control One Pedalboard. Soto  
Moog Taurus Pedals. Miers  
Morley Cry Baby Wah Wah. Soto  
Zoom 9001 multi-effects processor with pedal board. Jones  
Microphones & Mic Stands
E/V N/D 257A. D. Fornalsky  
Radio Shack "Kick Ass" variety. (x2) Jones  
Studio Projects C1. D. Fornalsky  
Other Microphone boom stands. (x3) D. Fornalsky, Jones  
Misc. Stuff
Music Stands Generic stand. (x2) D. Fornalsky,

1 Item may not make it to the gig. Don't count on it to be there.
2 Item is for personal use.