The 1999 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: July 30th - August 1st
Location: Dress Rehearsal Studios, (312) 829-2213 [MAP]
City: Chicago, IL
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 1999 Midwest TabCon. It is not necessarily a comprehensive list and there may be gear that was present at the gig that did not make it on this list.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Crate Guitar amp. 50W 2-channel combo tube amp. Sean C.  
Hartke Bass amp. Hartke system w/ 4x12" and 1x18". Sean J.  
Mackie Mixing board. 1202VLZ 8-channel mixing board. Brian  
Mesa Boogie Guitar amp. Trem-o-verb 100-watt guitar amp. Brian  
Peavey TNT 15S. Sean J.  
150 w/bass head. Dan  
4 channel PA amp w/ 2 2x12". Sean J.  
Tascam 464 4-track recorder. Brian  
Other Mixing board. Generic non-powered 8 channel mixer. Sean J. 1
Alvarez Acoustic. Nylon 6-string guitar. Sean C.  
Gibson Electric. SG Jr. with the original cobalt pickup. Al  
Hamer Electric. Custom guitar with floating trem. Sean C.  
PRS Electric. CE 24 guitar. Brian  
Washburn Electric. Floating trem. Sean C.  
Bass Guitars
Carvin LB-70 bass. Brian  
Fender '69 Fender Jazz, American Standard. Sean J.  
Fender Jazz. Dan  
Ibanez Rickenbacker copy. Sean J.  
Mach 1 Steinberger copy. Sean J.  
Rickenbacker Rickenbacker 4001. Dan  
Yamaha RBX360 Bass. John F. 2
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Indian Street Percussion Windchimes, small set. Dave  
Ludwig Snare drum. 14" metal snare. Dave  
Pearl Export/MX Series drum kit. 6", 8", 10" concert toms (MX Series); 12", 13", 15" closed toms (MX Series); 16" floor tom (Export Series); 22"x16" bass drum (Export Series) Dave  
Roland Octapad II. Dave  
TD-10. Sound module for the V-Drum Kit. Dave  
Sabian HH Series cymbals. 12" Splash (in horrible condition), 20" Chinese, 20" Flat Bell. Dave  
Yamaha DD-50 (all-in-one electronic drum unit). Chris  
Zildjian A Series cymbals. 6" Splash (Dave), 12" Splash (Chris), 14" New Beat hi hats (Chris/Dave), 16" Thin Crash (Chris/Dave), 17" Thin Crash (Chris), 18" Medium Ride (Chris/Dave). Chris & Dave  
Other Cowbell. Chris  
Jam blocks. High and low. Chris  
Tamborine. Chris  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
Emu ESI 32 sampler. Sean J.  
Korg DW 6000 synthesizer w/damper pedal. Sean J.  
Poly 800 with 1 channel sequencer. Dan  
Roland D20 with 8 channel sequencer. Dan  
D50 synth. Sean J. 1
MT 32 sound module. Sean J.  
JV1000 with a built-in sequencer. Al  
PK5 MIDI Pedals. Sean J.  
Other Keyboard stand. Single-level. Sean J.  
Keyboard stand. Double-level. (2) Dan & Sean J.  
Rack & Peddle Effects
Alesis MIDIVerb II. Sean J.  
Arion Chorus pedal. Dan  
ART BCC Bass unit (Bass effects). Sean J.  
Boss Phaser pedal. Dan  
Digitech RP7 floor unit (vocal effects) Sean J.  
Zoom 3030 multi-effect processor Sean C.  
Other Generic volume pedal (2). Dan & Sean J.  
Microphones & Mic Stands
AudioTechnica Pro37R overhead mic. Chris  
Radio Shack "Kick Ass" variety. (2) Sean J.  
Shure SM57. (3) Brian & Chris  
SM58. Brian  
SM58. Chris 2
Other Boom mic stand. Sean J.  
Boom mic stands. (2) Sean J.  
Standard mic stand. (2) Brian  
Standard mic stand. (2) Chris 2
Misc. Stuff
Apple Powerbook For extra stuff, including teleprompter. Sean J.  
Guitar Stands Standard one-unit stands. (2) Sean J.  
Tuner Generic tuner. Sean J.  
Playboy Lingere Specials Oh la la! Chris  

1 Item may not make it to the gig. Don't count on it to be there.
2 Item is for personal use.