The 1997 Rush Midwest TabCon
Date: November 1st - November 2nd
Location: Dovetail Studios
City: Milwaukee, WI
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 1997 Midwest TabCon. It is not necessarily a comprehensive list and there may be gear that was present at the gig that did not make it on this list.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Ampeg Guitar amp. SS-70C. Branden 1
Budokan Guitar amp. 50 Watt. Doug  
Marshall Guitar amp. 100 watt Valvestate. This baby can really can get some sweet distortion out of it plus has a footswitch to switch between Clean/Overdrive and OD1/OD2. You've got to be nice to Matt to use it! [grin] Matt  
Mesa Boogie Guitar amp. It's 2x12 and 100 watts. Brian  
Peavey Bass amp. 15" Superchorus - Big, loud, etc. Sean  
PA, 4-channel. Not much to look at, but it'll amp the vocals pretty well, and doesn't sound too bad either. Sean  
Sonic Monitor. For the PA. Sean  
Other Mixing board. 8-channel. John  
Epiphone Electric. Strat Copy. Cuts out occasionally. Probably an internal problem. Don't swing it around too much it should hold, especially if playing stationary. Matt  
PRS Electric. The kind Alex uses, no? Brian  
Other Electric. Branden is bringing his axe. Branden  
Electric. Doug's crappy guitar. Doug  
Acoustic. Doug's acoustic 6-string. Doug 1
Bass Guitars
Aria Aria Pro II Bass (Sounds more like a Steinberger/Wal than the below Fender). John  
Fender '69 Fender Jazz Bass. Sean  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Indian Street Percussion Windchimes, small set. Dave  
Latin Percussion Cowbell Chris  
Cyclops Tamborine Chris  
Jam Block, low Chris  
Roto-Toms 6", 8" and 10". Chris  
Sabian HH Series cymbals. 12" Splash - Cracked but sounds decent, 20" Chinese, 20" Flat Bell. Dave  
Yamaha DD-11 drum machine. Chris  
Tour Series drum kit. 5.5"x14" metal snare, 8"x12" rack tom, 9"x13" rack tom, 16"x16" floor tom, 16"x22" bass drum. Chris  
Zildjian A Series cymbals. 6" Splash (dave), 12" Splash (Chris), 14" New Beat hi hats x2 (Chris/Dave), 16" Thin Crash x2 (Chris/Dave), 17" Thin Crash (Chris), 18" Medium Ride x2 (Chris/Dave). Chris & Dave  
Other Cowbells. Large and small. Dave  
Tamborine. Can attach to Hi-Hat. Dave  
Woodblock. Dave  
Keyboards, Samplers & Sound Modules
Roland U-20. Mid-quality digital keyboard, with some fairly decent sounds. Still one of the best piano samples I've ever heard. Same as the U-220 sound module. Dave  
Other Make/models not available at this time, but I've been assured, "One's a vintage analog/digital, and the other has a wonderful sound module with ANY sound you could imagine." Amp w/two speakers will be available for the boards. John  
Rack & Peddle Effects
Alesis Quadraverb. Customizable reverb and delay. Al  
Korg A3 Effects Processor - Customizable distortion, overdrive, delay, reverb, chorus, flange, etc. Dave  
Vox Wha-Wha Pedal. Matt  
Other Wha-Wha Pedal. Brian  
Microphones & Mic Stands
Electo Voice E/V 257A. Dave  
Radio Shack Kick-ass variety, x2. Sean  
Shure Shure 57. Al  
Shure 57a. Brian  
Shure 58. Brian  
Other Boom mic stand. Sean  
Mic stand x5. Chris  

1 Item may not make it to the gig. Don't count on it to be there.