The 2001 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon
Date: July 6th - July 8th
Location: Trito Music Center, (610) 272-1730
City: Norristown, PA
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Equipment List
This is the equipment list for the 2001 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon.

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Ampeg B-100R bass amp. Sorrells  
Behringer MX 802A 8-channel mixer. Bruce  
Eurorack MX1604A 12-channel mixer. Cirronella  
Carvin 16 channel mixing board. Cirronella  
DOD 8-channel mixer. Jones  
Hartke 2000 bass amp head. Jones  
Hewlett-Packard Digital Audio Workstation - HP Pavillion 9680C PC; 384MB RAM; 40GB HD; Windows 98SE OS; Syntrillium Cool Edit 2000. Soto  
Peavey 2x12" speakers with horn. (x2) Jones  
XRD-680 Powered Mixer. Sean Rice  
Roland DAC-15x practice amp. Bruce  
Jazz Chorus 160 (JC-160) w/footswitch. Soto  
Sunn Beta Lead amp. Jones  
Yamaha 15" wedge monitor. Sean Rice  
Other "Sweet" 2x10" bass cabinet. Jones  
Fender Acoustic, 12 string. Bruce  
Electric, Stratocaster (Japanese w/floating vibrato tuned to F#). Sean Rice  
Electric, Stratocaster "thing" (made from various guitar parts). Cirronella  
Fernandes Electric, Revolver Pro Sustainer w/blocked Floyd Rose Vibrato & EVH D-Tuna. Soto  
Galveston Electric, 6/12 Doubleneck. Soto  
Gibson Electric, Epiphone 335 Dot. Soto  
Electric, LesPaul Studio. Bruce  
Ibanez Classical, GA6CE-14-01. Bruce  
Electric, RG 540. Bruce  
Bass Guitars
Fender '69 American Standard Fender Jazz. Jones  
Rickenbacker 4001 Series Bass (1974 Model). Jones  
Samick Bass guitar. Sorrells  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Carol Sound Wind Chimes Luongo  
Latin Percussion Everything Rack with 4 LP Cow Bells & 1 LP Agogo Bell. Luongo  
Mini-Everything Rack with LP Tri-Bells & Rhythm Tech Tambourine. Luongo  
Steel Timbales - 13" and 14". Luongo  
Ludwig Wood Temple Blocks. Luongo  
Tama Grandstar Custom Series drum kit - Rack Toms: 6", 8", 10", 12", 13" 14", 15"; Floor Tom: 18"; Bass Drums: 24" (x2); Snare: 14" wood. Luongo  
Zildjian A Series cymbals: 6" and 8" (x2) splash, 14" New Beat Hi-Hats, 16" and 17" Medium Thin Crash, 18" Medium Crash, 18" China Type (High), 20" Ping Ride. Luongo  
Other Glockenspiel. Luongo  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
360 Systems 8x8 Midi Patch Bay. Jones  
Emu Esi-32 Sampler. Jones  
Ensoniq ESQ-1. Bruce  
Fast Foward Designs Midistep footpedal controllers. (x2) Cirronella  
Korg DW-6000 analog synth. Jones  
DW-8000 synth. Cirronella  
X5D synth (rented). Cirronella  
Roland MT-32 sound module. Jones  
PK-5 footpedals. Jones  
Yamaha TX81Z synth. (x2) Cirronella, Jones  
V-50 sequencing keyboard. Jones  
Rack & Peddle Effects
Alesis MIDIVerb II. Jones  
MIDIVerb III. Sean Rice  
Boss Acoustic Simulator. Soto  
HF-2 HiBand Flanger. Soto  
HM-2 Distortion. Soto  
DigiTech 2120 gtr effects processor. Cirronella  
PDS 1002 Two Second Digital Delay/Sampler. Soto  
Dunlop Cry Baby Wha Pedal w/power supply. Bruce, Cirronella  
Morley Compact Volume Pedal CVO. Soto  
Pro Series Wah w/power supply. Soto  
Roland GP-16 multi-fx processor. Bruce  
SRV-2000 digital reverb. Cirronella  
Symetrix Compressor. Cirronella  
Zoom 9001 multi-effects processor with pedal board. Jones  
Other Homemade Boss-replica Master Switch & Power Supply. Soto  
Microphones & Mic Stands
Audio Technica PR335. (x2) Cirronella, Sean Rice  
Shure SM-57. (x4) Bruce, Cirronella  
Misc. Stuff
Computer IBM Thinkpad (for annoying sounds). Bruce  
Guitar Stands "Omega" Stand. Bruce  
Video Equipment Sony Video camera & VCR, Ricoh digial camera (Loretta M. Bruce); Canon EOS 35mm camera (Chuck Bruce); Kodak DC4800 digital cameras (x3), Minolta SLR 35mm camera (Sorrells). Bruce, Sorrells