The 2000 Rush Greater Philadelphia Area TabCon
Date: October 20th - October 22nd
Location: Trito Music Center, (610) 272-1730
City: Norristown, PA
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Equipment List
A lot more was brought but this is what we actually used...

Amplifiers, PA Gear & Recording Equipment
Model Description Owner Codes
Behringer MX 802A 8 Channel mixer. Chuck  
Eurorack MX1604A 12-channel mixer. Jim C.  
Carvin 16 channel mixing board. Jim C.  
Crate 50 Watt Combo. Sean C.  
Gallien-Krueger 200G Rich  
Peavey Bass amp. Combo 300. Studio  
Power amp 1 channel Studio  
Powered Mixer, 4 channel Studio  
PA speakers. SP3 PA speakers. Studio  
Roland "Jazz Chorus" (JC-120, 2) Chuck See Note 1
Tascam Porta 1 four track. Chuck  
Alvarez Acoustic. Yairi Model, 6 string acoustic w/built in stereo/piezo pickups. Chuck  
Acoustic, Classical Tony  
Electra 2 Electrics, Working Man model and an ES335 Copy Tony  
Fender Electric, Fender Strat "thing" (made from various guitar parts). Jim C.  
Fernandez Electric, Revolver Pro Sustainer
w/EVH D-Tuna (for dropped D tuning).
Gibson Electric, LesPaul Studio. Chuck See Note 2
Ibanez Electric, RG-540 "Radius" w/Floyd Rose "Edge" vibrato system Chuck  
Washburn Electric w/floating vibrato. Sean C.  
Bass Guitars
Fender Fender Jazz. Sean J.  
Hohner Steinberger Copy Chuck  
Ibanez Bass (model???) Don  
Brand Name? Model No.? Stienberger "like" Copy Sean  
Drums, Percussion & Electronic Percussion
Latin Percussion Everything Rack. Chris  
13" and 14" timbales. Chris  
Ludwig Temple blocks. Chris  
Sabian 16" Thin Crash (AA) Jim G.  
Tama Tama Granstar Drums, (2) 16"x22" Bass Drums, 6.5"x14" Snare Drum (Metal), 3.25"x14" Snare drum (Maple), 10"x10" Tom, 11"x12" Tom, 12"x13" Tom, 13"x14" Tom, 16"x16" Tom, 16"x18" Tom, 6", 8", and 10" Rototoms Jim G.  
Zildjian 14" Zildjian Quickbeat Hihats, 6" Zildjian Splash(A), 8" Zildjian Splash(A),17" Zidjian K Custom Dark Crash, 18" Zildjian Rock Crash, 20" Zildjian Ping Ride Jim G.  
Cymbals. 14" hi-hat, 8" splash, 16" crash, 18" crash, 18" china type. Chris  
Other Agogo bell. Chris  
Cowbells. Chris  
Bell Lyra (glockenspiel). Chris  
Tambourine (mounted on hi-hat). Chris  
Wind chimes. Chris  
Keyboards, Keyboard Stands, Samplers & Sound Modules
Alesis Sequencer. Jim C.  
Cheetah MS-6 Synthesizer Module. Chuck  
Emu ESI 32 Sampler. Sean J.  
Ensoniq ESQ-1. Chuck  
Fast Forward Designs Midistep footpedal controllers. (2) Jim C.  
Korg DW8000. Jim C.  
X-5 (rented). Jim C.  
DW6000. Sean J.  
Oberhiem Matrix 1000 Synthesizer Module. Chuck  
Roland PK-5 footpedal controller. Sean J.  
Yamaha TX81Z. Jim C.  
V50. Sean J.  
Rack & Peddle Effects
ADA Digital Delay. Jim C.  
Alesis Midiverb. Jim C.  
ART BCC (for bass effects). Sean J.  
Boss Acoustic Simulator. Rich  
Digitech RP2000 Tony  
RP7 (for vocal effects). Sean J.  
2101 "Artist" w/Control One Pedalboard Rich  
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Wah (3) Rich, Tony & Jim C.  
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress (flanger) Tony  
Morley Pro Series Wah with power supply. Rich  
ProCo Ratt Pedal. Jim C.  
Roland GP-16 stereo guitar effects processor w/controller. Chuck  
SRV-2000 digital reverb Jim C.  
Symetrex Compressor. Jim C.  
Zoom 3030 Effects unit. Sean C.  
Microphones & Mic Stands
Audio Technica G-95 (for the classical guitar) Sean C.  
Radio Shack Model not known. Sean J.  
Samson Model not known. Studio  
Shure SM57s (for amps). Jim C. & Chuck  
SM58s (used for vocals, drums, and area mic-ing). Jim C. & Studio  
Misc. Stuff
Brand Name? 35 MM Camera & numerous lenses Bill  
Dean Markley Custom Light Strings Chuck, Rich, etc.  
IBM Thinkpad For Annoying Sounds (Warner Bros, The Three Stooges and The Honeymooners) Chuck  
Kyser Capo (for Big Money) Rich  
Omega stand For holding an acoustic in the playing position. Chuck  
Ricoh Digital Camera, Courtesy of Loretta M. Bruce Chuck  
Various cords/adapters/etc. Various. Everyone  
Video VCR & camera. Chuck See Note 3
Note 1: Jim brought his JC-120 but we ended up not using it (sorry Jim!).
Note 2: Used for Test For Echo by Rich Soto (all six strings tuned down a whole tone).
Note 3: Chuck forgot the remote for the VCR on the first day so we only got one day of video footage...sorry guys :-(