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Rush Vocal Tablature

Finding My Way
Need Some Love
Take a Friend
Here Again
What You're Doing
In the Mood
Before and After [harmony parts]
Working Man
[Fly By Night]
Best I Can
Beneath, Between and Behind
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Fly by Night
Making Memories
In the End
[Caress Of Steel]
Bastille day
I Think I'm Going Bald
Lakeside Park
The Necromancer: Into Darkness
The Necromancer: Under the Shadow
The Necromancer: Return of the Prince
The Fountain of Lamneth: In the Valley
The Fountain of Lamneth: Didacts and Narpets
The Fountain of Lamneth: No One at the Bridge
The Fountain of Lamneth: Panacea
The Fountain of Lamneth: Bacchus Plateau
The Fountain of Lamneth: The Fountain
2112: Overture [harmony parts]
2112: The Temples of Syrinx
2112: Discovery
2112: Presentation
2112: Oracle: The Dream
2112: Soliloquy
2112: Grand Finale
A Passage to Bangkok
The Twilight Zone
Something for Nothing
[A Farewell To Kings]
A Farewell to Kings
Closer to the Heart
Cinderella Man
Cygnus X-1
Hemispheres: Prelude
Hemispheres: Apollo/Dionysus
Hemispheres: Armageddon
Hemispheres: Cygnus
Hemispheres: The Sphere
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato
[Permanent Waves]
The Spirit of Radio
Jacob's Ladder
Entre Nous
Different Strings
Natural Science
[Moving Pictures]
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs
[Exit...Stage Left]
Broon's Bane
The Analog Kid
Digital Man
The Weapon
New World Man [harmony parts]
Losing It
[Grace Under Pressure]
Distant Early Warning
Red Sector A
The Enemy Within
The Body Electric
Kid Gloves [harmony parts]
Red Lenses
Between the Wheels
[Power Windows]
The Big Money [harmony parts]
Grand Designs
Manhattan Project
Middletown Dreams
Emotion Detector
Mystic Rhythms
[Hold Your Fire]
Force Ten [harmony parts]
Time Stand Still [harmony parts]
Open Secrets
Second Nature
Prime Mover
Lock and Key [harmony parts]
Turn the Page
Tai Shan
High Water
Show Don't Tell [harmony parts]
Chain Lightning
The Pass [harmony parts]
War Paint [harmony parts]
Presto [harmony parts]
Anagram (for Mongo)
Red Tide
Hand Over Fist
Available Light
[Roll The Bones]
Dreamline [harmony parts]
Bravado [harmony parts]
Roll the Bones
Face Up
Where's My Thing?
The Big Wheel
Ghost of a Chance
You Bet Your Life
Stick It Out
Cut to the Chase
Nobody's Hero
Between Sun and Moon
Alien Shore
The Speed of Love
Double Agent [harmony parts]
Leave That Thing Alone
Cold Fire [harmony parts]
Everyday Glory
[Test For Echo]
Test for Echo [harmony parts]
Driven [harmony parts]
Half the World
The Color of Right
Time and Motion
Dog Years
Carve Away the Stone