Product Reviews
From time to time our products get reviewed by magazines or web sites. Below are some of those reviews. If you learn of a review that isn't included below please contact us so that we can add it.
[2013-03-04] FindMySoft Gives Password Corral a 5-Star Rating
It's been a while since I've put up any reviews of Password Corral, but FindMySoft has done a review of Password Corral and given it 5 out of 5 stars, and even put together a nice video demo of the product. Jump on over to their site and have a look at the review. Many thanks to them for checking out Password Corral.
[2005-05-15] Softpedia Gives Password Corral its Highest Rating
Softpedia Freeware/Shareware collection site has given Password Corral 4.0 their highest rating. Users on their site rate the program a great 4 of 5 stars. Our thanks to them for this honor.
[2001-10-14] NoNags Give Password Corral its Highest Rating
NoNags Freeware/Shareware collection site has given the latest version of Password Corral their highest rating. In the past, Password Corral has always remained just beyond the "6" rating, but it appears that v3.4.6 has everything NoNags wanted to see in a top-notch application. Our thanks to them for this honor.
[2001-02-19] Ed Bott Picks Password Corral as a "Fabulous Freebie"
Ed Bott, an award-winning computer journalist who has written extensively about Windows for PC Computing and other magazines, has just reviewed Password Corral and picked it to be one of his "Fabulous Freebies". Mr. Bott called Password Corral "wonderful" and went on to write, "Don't confuse Password Corral with Gator. Password Corral is more powerful, less likely to crash your system, and doesn't require you to watch ads." Ed also stated to me in a personal e-mail that he's heard nothing but praise for Password Corral from his readers. He's created a guided tour for Password Corral from his site as well. You can access the full review and the tour by clicking here. My thanks to Ed, his readers, and of course all you wonderful Password Corral users!

[2001-01-25] Password Corral Named a Usenet Favorite
The Pricelessware List, which conducts a survey of the favorite freeware programs used by readers of the Usenet Newsgroup alt.comp.freeware has found Password Corral to be a favorite application as voted by readers of the group. Our thanks to the Pricelessware List, the good people in alt.comp.freeware and our customers for continuing to support us and Password Corral.

[2000-12-20] A- Rating for Password Corral from Perfectly Private Inc.
Perfectly Private Inc. put Password Corral up against three other competitors an it came out on top! The only con they found was that it didn't have the flashiest interface, and that's the way we want it anyway! Check out the review by clicking here.

[2000-05-30] Editor's Pick for Password Corral has given Password Corral their "Editor's Pick" ranking. We're very pleased with the honor and happy that the program continues to be valuable to our customers.