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[2003-01-02] Downloads, Donations and a Password Corral v4.0 Update

First off, I wanted to announce that Password Corral has now exceeded the 100,000 download mark. It's been almost two years since this "new" website has been up, and since I've kept track of downloads, but in that time it's become apparent to me that the program has a good following and is at least a little useful to a number of people. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it and given Password Corral a try.

Next, I'd like to thank everyone that has made a donation for Password Corral. Since late August, I've receive US$205.00 in donations, which is probably more than the previous two years combined. I appreciate everyone who's made a contribution - it means a lot to me.

Lastly, that pesky v4.0 version of Password Corral - "Where is it", I'm sure you're asking. I had hoped to have more free time over the holidays to finally get beta 1 released, and even said so to a few users who e-mailed, but alas I should have known that the holidays would eat up more time than I planned (grin). With the exception of the import routines, all the code I want to be in place for a beta 1 release is complete. With some luck, my schedule will be clear enough to finally get it done and in your hands this month. Can't promise on that, but thanks for your patience thus far, and all your comments and suggestions.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

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