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[2001-10-04] New Release of Password Corral; Plus a Password Corral v4.0 Update

A new version of Password Corral has been relelased. The main new features are the ability to switch to a different user account without having to quit the program and then restart. The Auto-Export option has also been updated to allow you to append a date/time stamp to the filename. This can allow you to automatically keep a history of your password export files.

The 'About' screen also had a PayPal icon added to it so that those wishing to make a donation for the program can click on the link and open a web browser directly to the donation page on the PayPal web site. Password Corral is still completely free, but this should make it easier for those that wish to make a donation on-line as opposed to writing out a check and having to mail it. The 'Donations' area of the Contact page on this site has also been updated with a link to PayPal as well.

So what about Password Corral v4.0? Unfortunately the summer months have not been as kind to my free time as I had hoped. Numerous side projects have kept me busy and I've not made a great deal of headway on the next major version of the program. I've got a good idea of the file format passwords will be stored in, and hope soon to begin serious work on it. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your continued support.

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