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[2001-04-11] New Version of Password Corral Available

Password Corral v3.4.3 has been relelased. Included are new password import options to allow you to merge your existing password list with passwords that are being imported. Since the beta version was released several weeks ago, there have been no bug reports, so it would appear the new import options are functioning well. Of course, if you should find a bug, by all means send a report.

As I mentioned in a previous "News & Views", with the release of this version of Password Corral, I'm looking to lock down the current 3.4.x code so I can focus on the next major update to Password Corral, v4.0. I've had a survey running for several weeks now asking if you'd like to see Password Corral manage other types of data beside passwords, and by a nearly 2-to-1 margin you voted to keep the program as a password manager only. And as promised, you speak, I listen! Password Corral 4.0 will be password management only. I'd still like to create a program, or programs, to manage other types of data like contact info and notes, but now it's a question of whether they should be stand-alone applications or plugins to Password Corral. I'll contemplate this futher, and perhaps run another survey on this question.

So, when will Password Corral 4.0 be available? Unfortunately it's way too early to tell. It's going to be another ground-up recode like v1.5 was, and this will give me the opportunity to clean out old code and streamline things within the program. They'll be some major new features like custom categories for passwords, new encryption features, and hopefully plenty of other goodies. This will take some time, but as things begin to come together, you can expect "preview" releases to whet your appetite. Of course, if a bug is found in the current version, or I find that it would be easy to quickly add some small new features, releasing a new 3.x version isn't out of the question.

Enjoy the new version of Password Corral and thanks for your continued support!

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