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[2001-03-14] New Beta Version of Password Corral Available

Just released is a beta version of Password Corral v3.4.3. The primary new feature is more import options. You can now merge your existing password list with an import in three different ways. Because the import code had to have a significant number of changes, I felt it was prudent to release a beta first instead of releasing it directly as a final version.

The most important thing to remember about the new import options is how they determine when a password being imported is the same as an existing one. The current version of Password Corral, including this beta, does not create a unique identifier for each password entry - that makes it difficult to know when two passwords are really the same. Password Corral 4.0 will rectify this by creating unique IDs for each password so that they can imported and identified accurately. Until then, the compromise is to key the import comparison off of the Description field. When importing, Password Corral will compare the Description field of each password being imported with the descriptions of all your existing passwords (the comparison is case insensitive). If any of the descriptions match, the passwords are considered the same and the import option you selected will then come into play (duplicate, discard or overwrite).

The last big thing is that as of this beta version, support for password export files from versions of Password Corral prior to v3.0.0 are no longer supported. v3.0.0 has been out for over two years now, and the tradeoff in extended development time to support the older file format for the new import features was something I wanted to avoid. If this turns into a real problem, support can be added, but I'd rather people upgrade than continue to support the old format.

What I really need is for those interested to download the beta version, test the new import features and send bug reports if any are found. This may be the last release of Password Corral until 4.0 arrives, so it needs to be solid, especially these new import features. Before you run the beta and do any kind of testing, make sure you have a current export file of your password data tucked safely away in case something goes horrible wrong. There is no installer for the beta; you can overwrite your existing Password Corral files with these, or run it along side of your existing install. E-mail any bugs you find to the support e-mail address (check the Contacts page).

Thanks for your continued support!

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