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[2001-03-06] New Survey Pages

Password Corral was originally created because I didn't like the choices I had out there for freeware password managers and I found the shareware programs too costly for what they were offering. Password Corral was designed with the idea that if it was something I would use, it would probably be something others would use as well.

That strategy has worked great so far. More than that, your great suggestions have proven very valuable. But moving forward I've come to realize that just what I believe Password Corral should be no longer will suffice.

Hence I've decided to put up this first survey about the possible direction of the next major version of Password Corral. I had originally decided that it would be neat to have Password Corral manage other types of information, like contacts and loose notes. A number of users have raised concerns, rightfully so, that the program not become clogged up doing things that is beyond it's current scope of password management.

So what's your opinion? Should Password Corral handle other types of information, or should it be password management only? Check the new Survey section and give me your answer to this question! There may be more surveys down the road, but this was the first biggest question that I wanted feedback on.

Keep in mind that the surveys send simple e-mails to me with your responses, so you won't see a real-time update of responses when you answer the survey - since Cygnus Productions is a freeware only business for the moment, there's no revenue for me to put a database on the backend to manage the responses in real-time. I'll do my best to update the survey responses as often as possible.

Now's your chance to let me know how you feel about this possible major change to Password Corral. If the majority feel it's a bad idea to extend the program to other information types, you can bet I'll listen!

Thanks for your continued support!

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