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[2001-02-15] New Web Site and Just Who "We" Are; Plus a Password Corral 4.0 Update!

Well, I finally got around to it. I've updated the Cygnus Productions web site. The old site was around for years and was looking pretty tired, but I never had the time to put into doing a good update to the site. With the relatively new domain name and web host it seemed like the right time to hunker down and crank out a new site. I think you'll find this new site much easier on the eyes with a cleaner look & feel and better organization. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think of the new site, or any problems you might experience.

You may have noticed that I'm using "I" instead of "we" as you may have seen in the past on the old web site. Here's a secret that some of you may have already figured out: Cygnus Productions is a one-man company. Hi, I'm Dave, and I make freeware...nice to meet you! [grin]  In fact, "company" is a term I use loosely since the main freeware product I produce, Password Corral, generates zero dollars in revenue (save the one large site license for the program) - that means that yes, in fact, I have a day job [shudder]. I decided that since Password Corral has gained such a large user base, I no longer needed to make Cygnus Productions appear larger that it really was. I hope you don't find this too deceptive on my part! I'll most likely continue to use "we" and "our" in various sections of the web site; places where it makes sense to address things from a "company" perspective, but in informal areas like this, well...I've gotta be me! [grin]

Lastly, an update on Password Corral 4.0. The next major update to the program has been pretty stagnant. I get so busy trying to make updates to the current version that not much has gotten done for 4.0. As a result, after the next release of 3.4.3, I'm freezing the feature set so that I can focus on 4.0. This means that outside of bug fixes, I don't plan on adding anything new to the current version (unless it's a cool feature that can be added quickly). As far as the features of 4.0, they're still up in the air, but you can expect at the very least the ability to group password info into custom groups you create. The password data will also be stored in the file system as opposed to the registry as well. I had planned to use a real database to store the information (and even purchased the tool with your generous donations), but upon further reflection this may change; not sure but I'll keep you posted as development on 4.0 progresses. Outside of that, you can expect the next major version to have at least the same features as the current version. I'd also like to add a repository for other information, like an address book and loose "notes", but we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new site!

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