StatBar Console
StatBar Console is a Windows resource monitor that runs in a console window. A true 32-bit program, it can give you quick feedback on your system's resource usage, and even log the information to a file for future reference. StatBar Console was originally created as a sample program with source code for a programmer at Sun Microsystems. It was eventually refined with additional features for users at a major aeronautics/astronautics company. It's now freeware for all to use.

StatBar Console displays the free system resources on your PC (for Win9x only) as well as the free page file. It's a true 32-bit Windows program and can output it's information to a file for your future review. StatBar Console can also monitor the free space on up to two disk drives that you specify. The program has several customizable features that can be changed from the command line when it's started (see the README.TXT file that comes with StatBar Console on using them.

  • True 32-bit Windows program
  • Monitors system, user, GDI and page file resources (Win9x only)
  • Monitors CPU usage (Win9x only)
  • Monitors free disk space on two drives that you specify
  • Send output to a file
  • Continuously updated stats with a customizable delay between samples
StatBar Console is freeware in the truest sense. It is not spyware, there are no banner advertisements or "nag" screens, you do not have to register or authorize the program and it is 100% free of charge to any individual or business. With that in mind we encourage those that find it useful to consider making a donation if it is within your means. Donations are used to update development tools and offset the monthly cost of running the Cygnus Productions web site. If you find StatBar Console useful and would like to make a donation, please see the contact section of this web site for more information. That said, we value all our users, and no donation is required or expected.

Download StatBar Console Now
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