Links to Other Places
Below are links to some sites on the net that I personally like. You may or may not like them too.
Destination: MTG
If you play the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering, check out my personal web store where you can buy singles for the game. [Learn More]
The Rush Tablature Project
Hands down, the best site on the internet for Rush tablature. If you play guitar, bass or drums, and are a fan of the band Rush, this is a must-see website. [Learn More]
The Rush TabCon Home Page
If you're a fan of the band Rush you may be interested in participating in or spectating at a Rush TabCon. The TabCons are a gathering of musicians and fans of the band that get together to play Rush's music in a live setting. TabCons have been held in the Midwest and in several locations on the East coast. [Learn More]
Cool development tools for programmers. Our own Password Corral is created using their Delphi tool. If you're thinking of getting into computer programming and puke at the thought of using a Microsoft tool, give Borland a look-see. [Learn More]
A great website to purchase all your fitness supplements on-line. They also sell videos, books, sports equipment and more. If you're in the Roselle area in Illinois, they also have a retail store. [Learn More]
Flame Warriors
A site dedicated to exposing the various personality types of Usenet newsgroup participants. The author's outlandish caricatures and witty prose made me laugh out loud the first time I read through the "warrior" list. Find out what type you are! [Learn More]
The Liberator
"This electronic magazine exists as a forum for freethinkers in support of global free-speech. Find timely reflections on current events, passionate articles on sensitive issues, mature thoughts on religion, knee-slapping humor and interviews with interesting individuals -- mainly models. It's a tribute to eclectic patriotism that you definitely want to experience." [Learn More]
I know I'm going to catch it for this one, but whether you think Microsoft is an evil empire and Bill Gates is the anti-christ, or you think they're the best thing since sliced bread, they've got some pretty decent software. Poke around long enough on their site and you can turn up a few gems. [Learn More]